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Need a cable TV line surge protector!

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    Default Need a cable TV line surge protector!

    Hi... the cable line goes into the internal tv tuner of my CPU... and i want my newly assembled comp to be safe from power surges.. ... especially from that cable which comes in unattended tethered to those electricity poles

    Are any such simple solutions available? I've already got enough protection on the power lines, surge protected UPS after an APC home UPS... so i just want protection for the cable line... any info??


    i found this APC Surge Module for Coax Cable/CableTV, Replaceable, 1U, use with PRM4 or PRM24 Rackmount Chassis

    is this usable as a standalone solution??
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    i dont think u will need any protection, i have been using a TV tuner card (internal) for 6 years now and nothing unusual has happened yet.

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