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Portable SSDs

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    Lightbulb Portable SSDs

    Buffalo has just released the Micro station SHD_PEU2 series of portable SSDs. These SSDs are equipped with USB 2.0 Interface and come in 32GB and 64GB avatars. They are small (measure 57 x 13 x 98mm) and weigh only 62g.

    They come with a 2 year warranty and come with Memeo Autosync (data synchronization) and Secure Lock Ware (data protection) software. These portable SSDs are expected to start shipping by end of Feb with prices starting at 115 Euros.

    As SSDs become more cheap and reliable, we could see more such products in the future with much lesser cost. We could also see the use of USB 3.0 as and when that technology becomes faster and more popular.

    While this product may not be for all (due to its price), but it will still be exciting for many hardware enthusiasts out there !

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    They are easy to carry..........

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