Most computer users know how to protect data in computer hard disk using the folder lock facility. It is a secured measure used by computer users to protect personal data like photos, official documents, videos and alike. But what about data in the USB mass storage devices. Is it possible to protect data in USB using similar password for folders. Perhaps not! It is not that simple to use the USB password protection facility in USB storage devices.

However with the advent of technology and software it is now possible to lock the folders and data in USB ports. You need to know about the Folder Security USB Lock software. The latest folder lock software package enables you to lock the data in the folder of USB devices as well. Now you can easily share your USB drives with friends and colleagues in office without worrying that they would trespass some personal data in your USB drive. The folderlock software package is easily available over the internet. You can download the software and install in your computer to secure the data in your USB drives.

Folder Password Security is the latest system where you just need to plug in your USB drive and access the files stored into it. After that select the files following which you would need to select the option of ‘Encrypt Now’ to secure the folders. The software size is just 3Mb but it can help you protect and lock various files of importance in the system like external drives or flash drives.

With the help of Encrypt Option you can encrypt all the files and folders. The password saved during the encryption is really secure and one cannot easily break the password barrier to access the files. So, there is no worry about the security problems with the USB flash drive or any external drive.