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Good headset mainly for chatting and music

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    Default Good headset mainly for chatting and music

    i have checked many of the headsets on the web .initially i found logitech h 250 too be good but many reviews that goes against logitech headsets.i need an all rounder headset mainly for chatting.please suggest any good headset ..

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    I have replied to a similar thread and given some options for a wireless headphone.

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    If you thinking of getting a new phone, then it would be a better option to actually purchase a phone where you are able to download Skype, and instead you could use the the phone for calls, also chatting and listening to music aswell. This way you will have your new phone and save money on the headset (thats olnly if you are thinking of getting a new phone, otherwise buying a new headset would be better).

    If you do use your phone for Skype or chatting you will need to get a data plan activated on your phone. Or if its something you would use only at home get a wifi router, so you can connect your mobile to the internet, without having to get a data plan.

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