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Driver for Creative Webcam NX Pro

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    Default Driver for Creative Webcam NX Pro

    My operating system is windows 7 professional (64 bit). When I tried to install the software for the above webcam (from manufacturers CD), I got an error message "An error has occurred while installing the driver. Only 32% of the installation CD is installed. In the absence of the driver computer did not recognize the attached webcam. In the device manager it is shown as an "unidentified device". Driver for windows 7 is not available in the manufacturers website. Let me know whether the driver is available elsewhere to make use of the existing webcam or am I to go in for a new webcam?

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    Default Use Driver genius Software


    You can use Driver genius software which you can find from any torrent site the key word will be Driver Genius , follow the instructions properly and start the scan , I am 95% sure it will detect and try to find some drivers (atleast compatible driver)...

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