Digisol’s 300 Mbps Wireless Universal Repeater DG- WR3001N is in the market, and it is a pretty cool device for all wireless gadget users. This is more than the ordinary repeater you would use to extend the range of a wireless network. In fact, this device brings 3 functionalities under one hood – a wireless repeater, an access point, and a wireless client. There is a toggle switch that you can use to switch over the device into any of these modes. This device lets you enjoy improved signal strengths from your Wi-Fi network. With support for the latest IEEE802.11n standards, and without losing compatibility with the earlier IEEE802.11b/g standards, this device is ideal if you have been looking for a wireless repeater. Sometimes, mounting your wireless repeaters can be a problem, but that is not the case with this device as it has built in power adapter. A compact built lends this repeater for easy installation at any place where your network’s signal strength goes weak.

Such a device has got to implement some strict security measures so as to ensure that protection of sensitive network data is maintained. Security protocols like 64/128 bit WEP encryption on the first security layer and WPA2 Enterprise in the highest layer succeed in ensuring so, and this device uses them both. There is an intelligent LED on the device whose blinking indicates the signal strength, thus enabling you to place the device at the ideal place. Users, hence, get readily notified of inadequate signal strength.

The best part about this repeater is the ease with which it lends itself to use, even to the novice networker. All you’ve got to do to make the device shift gear is use a toggle switch. Configuration and installation becomes very easy, and the setup for a secured network is all the easier with the Wi-Fi Protection System (WPS). Association between two WPS enabled networks is possible just on a press of the WPS button. Apart from all these, there’s a reset button, integrated internal antenna and unique repeater mode SSID. At Rs 2,999, this is a pretty decent buy. And yes, you get warranty with it.