When working on laptops or computers, speakers are a refreshing way to unwind oneself from the rigors of day to day life. Be it listening to songs, playing games with impressive sound effects or watching movies or videos, without the invention of speakers, the world would have been a duller place to live in. Experts recommend installing 2.0 speakers which are a set of two speaker systems rather than the 2.1 version which by the way comes with an additional provision of sub-woofers. Placing sub woofers behind the computer system obstruct the flow of sound waves and reduce its overall impact. In contrast, the 2.0 speakers contain a full-range set of woofers which further enhance the user’s experience while dealing with sounds. Generally, people have a bias for speakers of larger frameworks since they are perceived to deliver sounds of the finest quality. Listening is an important aspect of life. Sounds often reveal things which go unnoticed by the bare eyes. Thus it becomes imperative to have a good speaker system at one’s disposal. It might appear to some as a brilliant marketing strategy but sounds from an inevitable part of one’s life and what better way to make optimum use of it than having premium speakers installed. Thus, enlisted below are certain options with regards to speaker systems which the users can choose from.

Genius SP 900BT
Designed to make the optimum use of wireless technology, the Genius SP 900BT is the first in its kind Bluetooth-enabled speaker systems. Packed with a battery made out of lithium ions, this speaker system works with any device having Bluetooth connection providing easy access to your data, anytime, anywhere, anyplace! The specifications are:
• Comes with portable configuration installed
• Provides for 200Hz-20kHz frequency response
• A maximum of 2W Power rating
• Provision of Aux Jack
• Comes with 1 year warranty period
• Starts at INR 4000 only

Akai MMS-2400 USFR
With a deafening representation of sound in a clear and highly defined manner, Akai MMS-2400 USFR is a delight for all people who love to live it out loud! Stacked with an array of impressive features, this speaker system is affordable and highly advanced. No customer has so far been dissatisfied after using Akai MMS-2400 USFR. The specifications are:
• Configured with 2.1 channel
• Provides for 240W PMPO frequency response
• Provision of Aux Jack
• Comes with 1 year warranty period
• Starts at INR 1590 only

Boxlight SoundLite+
Being the global leader in products of audio-visual nature, Boxlight has proposed the introduction of SoundLite+, an audio speaker and microphone without wires combined in one. Built with portable sound features, SoundLite+ has tasted success worldwide and is now going to be launched in India. Equipped with the latest technology of 2.4G, it is very easy to install and also has several innovative features like audio-pause and power saving. The specifications are:
• Comes with portable configuration
• Provides for 155Hz-20kHz frequency response
• A maximum of 1200W power rating
• Provision of 3.5 mm Aux Jack
• Weighs around 1.5 kg
• Comes with 1 year warranty period
• Starts at INR 21000 only

Lenovo M0520
One of the most stylish speaker designs in the market, its elegant style coupled with its cheap price makes it an attractive buy for several customers. It is aptly powered by USB ports. It consists of a compact size which is portable in nature. It also includes the provision of plug and play and is compatible with windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista and windows 7 operating system. The specifications are:
• Comes with 2.0 channel configured
• Provides for 90Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Satellites of dimensions 124x230x116 mm approximately
• Comes with 1 year warranty period
• Starts at INR 649only

Logitech Stereo Speakers Z110 (Black)
With a ‘more than decent’ sound quality, these speakers are slowly beginning to catch the attention of the Indian audiences. Impressive bass provisions, perfect portability and ‘cool’ cable management, these speakers are here to stay! The specifications are:
• Comes with 2.0 channel configured
• Provides for 20-2000Hz frequency response (for the satellites)
• Satellites of dimensions 99.8 x 89.7 x 89.5 mm approximately
• Provision of a 1.2 m power cable
• Total power output of 1.2W
• Compatible with laptop, PC and music players
• Satellite of weight 0.23 kg approximately
• Starts at INR 495 only

Creative SBS A335 2.1
For first timers, creative is the brand and SBS A335 2.1 is the speaker they should go for. With an easy interface and user friendly features, this is the beginners guide to ultimate bliss! With an impressive sound system and clear music clarity, this one is surely going to be up for grabs. The specifications are:
• Comes with 2.1 channel configuration
• Provision of 1 sub-woofer and 2 satellites
• A maximum of 21W power output
• Provides for 45-20000Hz frequency response (for satellites)
• Provision of 3.5 mm jack for the stereo
• Comes with 1 year warranty
• Starts at INR 1695 only

Zebronics ZEB-S700 (Black & Blue)
For all users who had ever dreamed of an exclusive USB powered speaker, Zebronics just answered fulfilled their dream. With a brilliant sound quality and flexible portability, these speakers surely make listening to sounds a worthwhile experience. It comes in hues of black and blue and is very catchy in its design. Furthermore it also has volume controls in the system itself. The bass and treble qualities are effective and it does not use up much space as well. The specifications are:
• Comes with 2.0 channel configured
• Provision of as many as two satellites
• Provision of volume controls
• Portable speakers
• Powered through USB ports
• Provision of volume controller at the back of the speaker system
• Comes with 1 year warranty period
• Starts at INR 422