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Best Sound Cards For Desktop Customers

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    Default Best Sound Cards For Desktop Customers

    Modern day desktops are capable of performing and supporting many functions and applications due to advances in software and hardware. Windows operating system is still the most used OS in many desktops but there has been a tremendous change in the way it handles audio. Audio cards available in the Indian market today are highly specialized to perform certain audio tasks. This can be partly attributed to the advances in built-in audio designs.
    Desktops can be used as a home theater setup, for playing video games, or for performing any other tasks. The needs of each user therefore depend on the purpose for which the desktop is being used. Last but not the least, sound is a very subjective thing. What seems music to one’s ears might be noise to someone else’s. So, it is a difficult task to choose the best sound cards from among the thousands available in the market.
    ASUS Xonar DS 7.1
    It is one of the best peripheral component interconnect (PCI) general purpose cards available in the market. It is equipped with the AV200 audio processor that enables good audio performance including 24-bit 192 GHz. However, the sound quality is a bit disappointing. It fully supports environmental audio extension (EAX) 3.0.
    It is a PCI version of the xonar DX and can emulate the more advanced version with the DS3D GX2.5. This does not require an additional power connector. It is affordably priced and can be used to upgrade your desktop’s audio.
    Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D
    It has a THX TruStudio Pro engine that endows it with great capabilities. Simulated surround, smart sound, crystallizer, and dialog enhancer functions are included in this sound card. Simulated surround and dialog enhancer will be loved by gamers and movie lovers respectively. The smart sound and crystallizer are underperformers.
    This sound card will be liked by gamers using headphones as there is a built-in head phone amplifier and good 3D simulated audio. The drivers are vastly improved and the design simplified compared to creative’s previous products. The control panel is simple enabling control of different features using the various tabs. The Scout mode feature in this sound card enables gamers to hear distant sounds which helps them to detect enemies.
    The dolby digital live feature does not transmit the encoding properly when switching between different modes. The audio sampling rate of 96kHz is comparatively low and the sound card supports only 5.1 audio speakers. It is a good gaming card but seems a bit overpriced as there is nothing new from the standard recon 3D board except for the microphone and red LED lights.

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX
    This card has some of the best playback and recording capabilities. It requires a four pin power connector. This card has a high signal-to-noise ratio and built-in headphone amplifier. It has superb digital to audio converters and the audio sampling rate is 192 kHz/24 bit support. There is a shield for the audio components to ensure that there is no interference from the other computer components.
    This sound card uses a PCI-Express x1 interface and is one of the best sound cards in the market in terms of quality and pricing.
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme 7.1
    There are many games in the market that are designed with EAX audio extension but it is only Creative’s products that can support the highest level of these extensions, EAX HD. If you regularly play PC games on your old system that has PCI slots, then this is the sound card of choice for you. The audio quality is immersive and of high quality as the EAX extensions are well supported by this sound card.
    It is not as feature rich as the other sound cards in the market but provides a microphone input and quality sound output that is sufficient for most gamers. It is one of the best PCI gamer cards in the market and is reasonably priced.
    ASUS Xonar DX 7.1
    Most people would like to use their desktops for different purposes – for gaming, home theater PC or stereo audio. The ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 is useful for people who want audio quality of higher standards than that of the built-in solution that comes with the desktop. This sound card provides audio of high quality and is feature rich.
    It has high signal-to-noise ratios and is packed with features like Dolby Digital Live output and EAX 3.0 support. The DS 3D GX 2.0 enables it to emulate higher levels of EAX extensions. This sound card uses the PCI-Express x1 interface and needs a four pin floppy power connector to function properly.
    ASUS Xonar Essence ST
    The PCI interface in this sound card is compatible with old computers and is one of its most distinguishing features. The harmonic distortion in this sound card is very low and the signal-to-noise ratio is high. Gamers who are used to headphones will be pleased with the built-in headphone amplifier that reduces distortion and improves the audio quality.
    This sound card has a high audio sampling rate of 192 kHz and supports 24-bit playback. It can even tie into an HDMI compatible video card to pass the audio stream over the same connector.
    USB Sound Card 2.0 Audio Input/Output Sound Card
    This is one of the best sound cards for any desktop computer with a USB port. It has standard input and output connectors that provide quality stereo input and output performance. It has good recording and playback capabilities. It can be connected to any of the popular audio equipment like microphones, home stereos, musical instruments and powered speakers of computer with USB port.
    This sound card has the capacity to transform the analogy sound signal to save as a digital signal. There are 23 environment sound effects and 16 rhythm modes for selection. It offers dynamic surround background effects. Karaoke function, virtual speaker shifter, and stereo mixed sound effects are some of the features available in this sound card.
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    Thanks for sharing this great information. it will really help full for me.

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    great information... its really helpful...

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