I have the Seagate Freeagent drive, purchased 3 years ago, still 2 more years of warranty.
Lately I have noticed that the disk hangs frequently, and I did the disk check option which came along with the
drive, and it detected errors in the drive and it asked me immediately to back up and get the drive replaced.
I checked the seagate website, where they asked the results of test with their software "seatools".

I downloaded this and the disk passed the test. Now I tried again the test with the prg that came default with the drive, and it didnt show any errors, but I am sure the drive has some issues. Unless the software shoes "failed" status, seagate wont accept the drive. What do I do now?

I have tried disk check, and I noticed that it takes a long time for the cluster ending with 686, screen shot attached (The cluster sequence is noted down in the notepad). Waiting for expert opinions. How do I make Seagate understand that it has errors????HDD Fail.jpg