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Hard Disk Costs!!! Are Indian consumers being cheated?

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    Default Hard Disk Costs!!! Are Indian consumers being cheated?

    It was predicted that the prices would come back to normal in the first quarter of 2011. Well, it's about a year now and no significant change!

    The prices that were hiked on the pretext of the losses by the Thailand flood never came down, even though some companies were totally unaffected by the flood.

    The prices are already down in other countries but in India the prices barely came down.

    Do you think that the Indian consumers are being cheated by these companies?

    Please share your opinion.

    Thank you.

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    Post Hard Disks in India

    i think that Indian man burst your HD soon than foreigner. So hard disk demand and cost grow is in India that reason hard disk expensive in India to foreign country.....))))! You can check all brand hard disk price online also.

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Costs!!! Are Indian consumers being cheated?

    Just check the rupee to dollar exchange rates one year back and of today and you would realise who is eating the drop in prices of HD
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