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Use of AV for today's education

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    Default Use of AV for today's education

    Share your thoughts about the use of Audio visual for education!!

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    It is commonly used in schools these days even for playschools, I think it is known as smart class.

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    yes Sal, they are known as SMART CLASSES..

    from my personal experience they are quite helpfull for smaller kids( classes upto 9)

    for students of classes 10 onwards they are of no use... Schools just get these installed in all classes and increase there fees nothing else.!!
    it contains presentations ,clips etc. i still prefer teachers over these smart classes...

    I remember, when these smart classes were newly installed in my school it smetimes used to get funny when teachers were not able to use them , then we used to go and help them out. ha haa, it was such a waste of time,
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