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Problem with my Brand New Green 2TB 64MB SATA6 Gb/s HDD

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    Default Problem with my Brand New Green 2TB 64MB SATA6 Gb/s HDD

    After starting to get write problems and some smart warnings on my old Western Digital Green 1TB HDD (WD10EADS) I decided to buy a new drive for my old computer.

    I don't have enough resources to afford a new desktop PC right now so I have a desktop with Asus P5KPL-AM SE mainboarad (with latest Bios Update / supports 3GB/s HDD WİTH 2 SATA ports) with a P4 processor.

    I just bought a brand new WD Green 2TB 64MB SATA6 Gb/s (WD20EARX) HDD, installed and wanted to backup my data to my new drive. It took me 6 hours to full format it.
    After the format I started copying files from my old to the new one but it was extremely slow both on read and write speed. Not close to my old corrupted 1TB WD HDD, not even close to my third old 120 GB maxtor HDD on IDE port. I found a jumper and installed it as shown in the WD'S site to set the speed to 3GB/s, quick formatted it for a few times but nothing worked. It is very slow and my CPU usage increases to %100 when reading or writing. I checked the Bios settings and nothing seems to be unusual. I suspect my new HDD is faulty but not sure about it. I quick checked it with WD's Diagnostic Utility and there seems to be no errors. I didn't full checked it because I am sure it takes tens of hours. Should I return it? Do you think WD will accept it?

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    6 hours to format a new Hardisk is way too much. I assume the problem lies with the BIOS. You might need to enable something there? Also have a look a the compatibility issues? Have a look at the mother boards manual (check their support page) and see that you have the latest BIOS drivers, and compactible devices!

    I don't think WD would take back the disk, however you can take it to your friends/any computer hardware shop and get it checked there. Also have you tried to change the jumper for master/slave as per existing?

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    6 hrs is way too long.
    Check whether the disk you bought is really brand new or just a refurbished one.

    I also have a similar experience where a dishonest dealer sold me a refurbished Seagate HDD while I paying the price for a new one.
    However, I got it changed immediately the day after.

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    WD drives are good but you should have bought the black version as they are more reliable but costly too.
    Anyways there is no need to setting a jumper. Is is no matter of master or slave setting in SATA drives.
    I think the problem lies with your sata cable. It happens with me many times. Try replacing the sata cable and also use another sata port. I'm your drive will work fine.
    Use application like HDtunePro, ATTO Disk Benchmark and Crystal diskmark. They will show you reading/writing speed your drive and match it with the read/write specification claim by the company. You can obtain read/write speed of your drive in WD website.
    Or post us the screenshot of the benchmark and will let you know if it is abnormal.
    Make sure u replace the sata cable first.

    For 2tb low level format takes anywhere around 3.5-4hrs. On my pc from one drive to another drive (2tb,64mb,7200rpm) gives 70MB/s to as low as 40MB/s. At benchmark read/write nearly 200MB/s.
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