If you have Google Chrome installed on your computer and have installed extensions that you find are no longer desired or are troublesome to use, you may easily "disable" or "uninstall" these extensions by doing the following:

* Open your Google Chrome web browser

* In the right upper corner of your browser you will see a little wrench (this customizes/controls Google

* Single click on the arrow to the right of the wrench, which will display a drop down menu

* Single click on Extensions; this will open up all the extensions you currently have installed

* If you wish to "disable" an extension, simply right click on the "disable" button; this will temporarily
"disable" the extension and remove it from displaying in the upper right corner of your browser. The
extension will now show "enable." You can toggle back and forth and disable/enable the extension at
your discretion. This will allow you to control the extension without fully uninstalling it.

* If you wish to "uninstall" an extension completely, simply right click on the "uninstall" button. Your extension
will "uninstall" itself from your Google Chrome web browser.

After you are finished, you can return to your Home page by right clicking on the little "house" button in the left-hand corner of your browser. It is as simple as that! You have just completed configuring your Extensions
in Google Chrome.