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How to Sign out of your Gmail Account Remotely

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    Default How to Sign out of your Gmail Account Remotely

    We all tend to lead pretty busy lifestyles these days. If you're like me many times you're signed on to multiple computers. I may be checking my Gmail, browsing the web, playing video games or some other worthwhile activity.

    Sometimes I've got to rush out which is no problem because I can get to the internet from almost anywhere these days. Except for the fact that I forgot and left my Gmail account open for anyone to see! Wouldn't it be great if I could remotely log out of Gmail so that other people can't read my latest email.

    Well now the geniuses at Google came up with a way for you to do exactly that. Now you can sign out of all your other Gmail sessions from another computer. Here's how to do it:

    1) Sign in to Gmail from an internet connected computer.

    2)Next scroll to the bottom of your inbox where it show your mail usage statistics.

    3)Click on the Details link and click the button that says sign out all other sessions.

    Once you do this you automatically be signed out of Gmail on the other computer.

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    Yes it helps. I was already doing it. But i also want to specify that Google must warn users that your account is open at another i.p, then this will be more secure. Gmail should give a tick up option so that users can "sign in from this location and sign out everywhere else" at the very homepage.
    I have already sent them a pretty big mail with such suggestions and they replied appreciating my suggestions so lets see what does google.
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    Details is a plus feature for Gmail. It also helps to check whether anyone else is using our accounts.

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    Never used it before but good post will help for future reference.

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