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Restore XP Backspace functionality in windows 7

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    Default Restore XP Backspace functionality in windows 7

    Windows 7 has significant changes in the shortcuts than those in previous version on windows. The backspace key is usually used in windows explorer to go back to the parent folder of the current directory and this is the way it used to work in all versions on windows including windows vista.

    Not any more, in windows 7, the backspace key now take you back to the last visited folder, essentially it means that instead of taking you to the parent directory of current folder, it takes you to the directory from which you navigated to the current directory.

    Of course it might be useful for some of us, but for the rest who are used to the previous functionality might as well want to continue using it. Here is a simple tool named “HTGBack” to make this functionality possible. Just double click the exe to enable the functionality.
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