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Immediate Help on corrupted Hard disk...

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    Exclamation Immediate Help on corrupted Hard disk...

    I have two hard disks..i have installes xp in primnary disk and using the other as a secondary (no OS). So i jus wanted to install OS in my secondary m/ i connected that disk as a primary and started to install xp.. but in the beginning itself it asked to format the disk so i jus quitd it and decided not to install OS on my secondary drive.. so again i conneccted my primary and secondary disk and logged in through my primary disk OS.

    Now here is the problem.. i cant access my secondary disk.. i had 4 partition in it.. but its showing only one disk.. when i tried to click on the drive. its asking to format.. i have important contents in that disk..

    When i check with my frds,they said.. the secondary disk would have lost its partiton table or boot records.. Now how can i retrieve my data.. its very important for me frds.. plzz help..

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    Well your Data is history now. I dodnt think that there is any way you can get that data back. It would be nice to format and then use it again and remember never to make this mistake again,

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    Try to use some recovery tool or go to some professional data recovery people and they would help you out with it.

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    just see in ur second HDD the partition is in active mode or not if it in active mode just connect to ur frist HDD and run check disk command hope it will work


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    if you have not formatted your hard disk then your data is safe and it is still there,try some recovery tools such as drive rescue or equivalent

    and you can also try this take your hard disk to your friends computer and connect your hard disk as slave and check whether you are able to browse through your data or if you have an external HDD case then then fit your hard disk into it as now your hard disk will become external try to detect your data by
    connecting the HDD case to your computer through USB.

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