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How to Install Windows Easy Way

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    Question How to Install Windows Easy Way

    HI everyone,

    i am running a Cyber Cafe in my hime town for last 4 years. I have 8 PCs. using BSNL broadband connection..
    I need help of u guys :

    Actually problem is my systems are effecting with virus or other malware day to day. and after all to maintain Systems i have to install Windows OS again and again. its very much irritating to install OS then M/B drivers and other essential softwares. it takes very much time effecting my Business.
    Is there any way i can install windows quickly. . or some way that drivers or basic softwares will install automatically for evry PC.

    I hope u guys are understanding me.

    Your Help will be appreciated.

    thanks in anticipation please.

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    You can try norton ghost ........and burn the mirror image of the OS which is running in a good condition with all the softwares installed.

    And on every system install a good antivirus like norton internet security 2007

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    I more thing i would like to know.

    How can i create a Limited accounts for my Customers so that they cant change my system settings.

    I tried but not succeeded. evrytimg while booting my system its asking for User to log in i.e. Administrater or Limited A/c ..

    I want that everytime it start then loads limited account it self.

    one more thing how can bann Video playing in my cafe .. it uses so much bandwidth..

    thanks in anticipation please.

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    I will suggest that you buy a strong AV software such as McAfee or Norton AV. For example, with McAfee Virusscan Console, you can implement rules to prevent access to files such as MP3, RM, WMV, AVI, MOV, etc.

    You should have no problems in creating limited accounts. Just create a limited account called 'cafeuser_<pc#>' on each PC that is a limited user. Change the login mode to classic mode (that requires CTRL+ALT+DEL and manual entry of username/password). Keep the 'administrator' password to yourself.

    For site restrictions, you can also use software such as NetNanny or Cybersafe. But be prudent; too much banning will mean that customer will stop visiting your cybercafe. If possible, can you start billing based on bandwidth used by your customer? There may be softwares that allow bandwidth measurement.

    You can also implement system security policies (called as group policies) that will prevent access to OS core and kernel (don't ask me how; I am not an expert at these things).
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