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tips to safer online shopping

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    Post tips to safer online shopping

    Online shopping as a concept is emerging in our country, as the socio-economic dynamics propel our economy.

    Shopping propensity is on a steep rise. The online medium of shopping is undeniably a lucrative medium for the entire chain from the manufacturers/producers, traders, marketers, to the final consumer.

    But it has its pitfalls too, which are often overlooked by most shoppers. So the next time you shop online, do heed the following tips:

    Link of a website
    Be very sure of the website address; this is reflected in the address bar of your computer browser. This is recommended every time you access a website from a link given elsewhere. Always type the website address into the address bar.

    Look for a lock sign
    You are vulnerable to identity theft when you are entering your information. To make sure your website is safe, look for a picture of closed lock in the browser window.

    Know your privacy
    The seller can share the information or sell it, it’s always suggested to check the privacy policy of the seller.

    Be wary of emails
    You may receive an email that looks like it is from the company where you have shopped online, and may ask you for your personal information, asking you to “verify” the accounts or clear up errors that have occurred.

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    There is a thread on this by Rameshjee (if I am not mistaken). But thanks anyway.
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