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How to Protect Your Identity

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    Default How to Protect Your Identity

    When you are connected to the internet via your internet service provider, you are given a unique address by them which is called IP address. IP address is more like the address of your home which can be used to track you. As it is an unique address, it becomes very easy to track your personal details by other people if they know exactly how to do it. This is why you should protect your personal information and data from hackers and scammers and saving yourself the trouble of losing all those information by hiding your IP.
    If an IP is hacked, there can be several damages done to the particular hacked person. These hackers can easily slow your computer down or cause it to malfunction by spreading virus and spyware in your computer. They can also delete the important files and folders of the computer. These hackers are proficient in their field and use very powerful tools, however, there are equally powerful tools to protect your personal computer from the vicious attacks of the identity hackers.
    Most of the people think that antivirus is enough to protect you from the identity theft and they can hide your IP. Antivirus software help you fight against different viruses sent to your computer via hackers or scammers but they do not let you hide your IP. Even the built in security given with different browsers are useless too while defending yourself against the IP hackers.
    You can hide your IP addresses in two simple yet powerful methods. The first one is the IP hiding software and the second one is the proxy servers. The IP hiding software are not free thus costs money but different web proxies are free to use. The web proxies act as a agent between your computer and the internet. These proxy servers let you hide your IP address and use their IP address in return. In this way you can easily protect yourself from the identity thefts. There are thousands of proxy websites available on the internet which you can find easily by searching for web proxy in Google.
    There are also different IP hiding software available now that can be bought for money. These software provide you with more protection from the scammers. After installing the software, it runs in the background to hide your ip. These software generally starts with windows to make sure your IP stays hidden all the time you are online.
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    that was a really helpful stuff. . . . Have you used tor browser?

    But authorities can never be fooled by fake ip they can always track you down. . . .

    I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by upadhyay.minmay View Post
    that was a really helpful stuff. . . . Have you used tor browser?

    But authorities can never be fooled by fake ip they can always track you down. . . .

    I think
    yes everything is traceable.. and just think, you use proxy for privacy and indeed its a way to keep to know "Who from India is in Germany/U.S"

    So, i dont think any proxy is 100% sure safe and anonymous.. there are some swedish vpn services which can save you though, but all for money)
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