If you think your antivirus and antispyware programs are efficient enough to protect your identity from your hacker then you are completely mistaken. They might help you fight against the virus or spyware but they cannot hide your ip address. Moreover, it might not stop the hackers from accessing your Internet Protocol address and getting your personal information. This may lead your life to astray unless you take required action to solve the problem.
Once you are connected to internet you are assigned with an unique IP address which can be used in different ways. Several sites (e-mail, social networks, online shopping) can easily access your personal data thus steal your stuffs if they are corrupted which is a rare case. However, the scammers use their own set of tools to access your IP address and extract your credit card information and other personal data. They can easily monitor your movements via your IP address and destroy your personal data by sending malicious spywares.
To protect oneself from the probable harm by the hackers and scammer one must have the proper knowledge of internet and services offered on it. Also, how these service can get access to your personal information. Once one realizes the problems, he can easily understand why an antivirus or a antispyware is not adequate for protecting your identity, anonymous surfing is the best possible solution.
Now, anonymous surfing has become a lot easier than before with the introduction of web proxy. With these web proxy servers you can easily hide your own ip address and use their ip address to browse different websites. Usually, these service is offered for free but there are also a few downside of these sites. Firstly, they are used by many people at the same time resulting in decreased bandwidth. You cannot open two sites at once. Moreover, many proxy servers does not let you play videos or audios and some of them do not have the support for JavaScript. So, these proxy servers are good enough for checking e-mails and updating stuffs but if you are planning to spend time doing different things then you should try the second solution.
Apart from web proxy, you can use IP hiding software to mask your identity. There are various software available now for hiding your IP address though most of them are not free. However, buying this software is worth the money as it helps you protect your personal information and provides maximum security.