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Proxy servers can also be traced?

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    Default Proxy servers can also be traced?

    After the Delhi terrorist attack, the police caught hold of Monu Ojha in Ahmedabad, who had sent fake emails using proxy servers.

    I thought if you used ten different proxy servers, it would be impossible to trace it back to you? I know this is the police, but still does it mean the police contacts each and every proxy server site and asks them for IP logs?

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    Cyber intelligence must have found some way to handle the issue. Every day new things are coming out. So old safe heavens are no longer safe. Also they can even threaten them that it will be banned in India if they doesn't co operate. India is lucrative market and no one want to miss it. But I think they have other means to do it that contacting proxy providers. Technology is much advanced than what we see in open. Such info are kept secret till a time they get a more advance method or it leaks out somehow.

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    I thought if you used ten different proxy servers, it would be impossible to trace
    there is no such thing as impossible in cyber world unless you physically destroy the evidence(like burn the server or electromagnetically fry it)& even then there is a slight chance of tracing the all depends on how much time & effort are you willing to put in the matter.
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