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    Question Open Port

    I use a Bitcomet for downloading. For this I set a certain port(say x.x.x.x) in Bitcomet and opened this port number in my modem settings. When I start bitcomet my "ESET Smart Security" firewall asks me whether I want to allow incoming traffic on this x.x.x.x port. If I say NO(there is a option in firewall warning to temopararily allow or not allow with permanently allow/disallow), bitcomet shows port is blocked but it still can download files with good speed. When I first open bitcomet, firewall alerts me about incoming connections from different IPs(at this stage I clicked not to allow). If I allow this incoming traffic, bitcomet shows port is open. I tried to resolve host name from these IPs and I found that some of them were from UK and some from Australia and some could not be found out. My question is, were these incoming traffic a port scan or some kind of hacking attack? Should I keep that port open in Modem? Should I allow this incoming traffic through firewall?

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    Mention modem - model and make.

    Have you opened the port for all applications ? Or just for Bitcomet ? If you have UPnP enabled in modem, the torrent client will still be able to download at good speeds.

    For using torrents, you need to allow incoming connections from complete stranger IPs. This, unfortunately is a necessity while using torrents as the file could be shared by anyone irrespective of their location on globe. This makes it necessary to use a firewall to protect your PC. If you are forwarded the port only for Bitcomet and firewall is ON, I think you are safe.

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    Nokia residential router 1600 is my modem.Link for the image of modem information is- :// . (please put http in the beginning of this link as I am not allowed to post links here). Yes I have UPnP enabled in modem. The port number which is open in modem is only being used by Bitcomet. Because I never got a firewall alert about this port number when Bitcomet is closed. But as I start bitcomet, I get this alert.

    Thanks brother for help.

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