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For those who are security-conscious

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    Default For those who are security-conscious

    For those who are security-conscious, please visit this site:

    This website, I found while browsing Debian Forum,

    Out of these sugeestions, I am already using Debian, Firefox, DNS Servers from Open NIC project. ( I find that the DNS-resolution seems to be slower than Google DNS.)

    Please let me have feedback, I know that most of the members of India Broadband Forum are Windows-users, yet they may find that these suggestions useful.


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    I used Linux for some time but to be honest its just too much work and I have nothing to hide from these governments I dont run a terrorist organisation lol

    I use Windows 7 and use firefox and chrome for browser I have never run into any major problems with either of them. Windows is in my opinion the easiest OS to use. Some of the Linux distros are getting better by the day but still for an average joe like me it is still windows.

    I will try Ubuntu again and see how it goes because I dont do some of the stuff that I used to which required windows so it would be a lot easier using Ubuntu this time around
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    I have used many releases of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, BackTrack, etc but being a gamer it's difficult to play games on linux distributions. SO I switched back to Windows. Open DNS is not compatible with reliance so cannot use it but have tried Tor but it's very slow. I use Chrome and Firefox both.

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    I have seen Ubuntu in one of my friend's PC. It look really cool and as per him it works really fast and very user friendly. I also found it quite similar to Windows. But sometimes he face issues when he tries to open a file created in Ubuntu in Windows. I think that is a serious concern as almost all PCs are equipped with Windows.

    I am still a big fan of Windows, may be I am used to it. I am fully satisfied with this OS. So, there is no need of a switch over to another OS I think.

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    I am a Windows OS user and I am a website developer. Therefore, security matters for me a lot I don't want my projects to be stolen by a hacker. Also many times my computer is full of confidential data. Therefore, I am very serious about the security of my PC. I often use many software and tools to protect my PC against them.

    Linux is more secure OS than Windows, but I don't prefer using it. It's just full of unused commands and functions. Totally disturbing my work and I actually don't like it. It's only suitable for hackers or other security related persons.

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