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Ransomware -A danger we must avoid

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    Default Ransomware -A danger we must avoid

    It is really scary that hackers can now hold your computer hostage and they will force you to pay money so you can have your PC working again. I heard many of these ransomwares gets activated if you click certain ads or pop ups. Many of these can surpass the most popular Anti-virus and anti-malwares out there. Many of these hackers will try to force you to pay money via credit card or bitcoins.

    There is no assurance your computer will go back to normal if you pay them money. I really have no idea how to avoid them but I heard they were very active in those sites that has something to do with piracy.
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    One of the most famous Ransomware Virus is the police that after blocking the infected computer launches posing as the National Police and warning message from that team has been detected illegal activity related to pedophilia or pornography. To regain access to all the information, the malware asks the victim for ransom in fines.

    The shame, the need to recover their data and pressure to an alarming and unknown message, are some of the factors that cause some of those affected by this type of virus end up paying a ransom for his computer. At Panda Security we want to give the keys to getting your computer infected without paying anything.

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    This is a reason why I don't join those promos that promises I can win prizes anymore. I found out some of these forums sells emails and phone numbers as leads to spammers and telemarketers. We all know many of these spams are very fraudulent because they were involved in crimes like phising.

    I am using a new email address and it has no history on registering on certain websites,stores and promos. I am using this email address for personal transactions and thankfully it has no spams because I didn't use it to subscribe to certain websites.

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    That is really scary. Thanks @Cashewfruit_wine for the update.

    This is a new type of attack I think, I have never heard of it before. Like hijacking a plane the hackers could now possibly hijack your computer system too. I think computer will be back to normalcy once we pay the ransom money. Otherwise, they will lose the business if people became aware that computer is not going to be functioning again even after paying the money. I think they will gradually try this on smartphones too which has a wider scope for this type of attacks. People use to download any app that is free. I heard that even Google Play Store is no more safe.

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