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Software related to movie-maker.

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    Default Software related to movie-maker.

    Hey guys

    I'm trying to make a movie out of my pics.. Used windows movie maker, Need to know whether there is some good software to do this, apart from movie-maker... And it must be freeware

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    I use Nero 7.5. It is lighter than latest version and has all those conversion and editing facilities we expect. Unfortunately it not a freeware. If your purpose is temporary, please try a trial version.

    I think Picasa also has a similar function. To make movies out of pictures and then add music into it.

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    I have picasa and nero both, Didn't know that they have these features..I'll try that... Thanks dilip...Do pitch in if you got more...

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    Please try these

    Movie maker - Freewares

    Movie maker - Available Freewares

    Still Nero will be much better.

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