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    Though we may condemn Electronic Communication for its flaws but there are a lot of advantages and booms of this technology that we are enjoying. One such feature of Electronic Communication is Videoconferencing. This is the method of internal electronic communication which is used widely today across the globe. The technology of Videoconferencing goes that we need a video and computing and communication technologies which allow the people living in different parts of the world to meet face to face with each other. Videoconferencing is use in today’s world for business meetings. Personal meetings and so on. Videoconferencing has made the world a global village and has brought every one closer.

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    I think you are right. Imagine having to travel half the world to go for a conference. The internet is the best thing to ever happen in the world. I would imagine having no email or social media. My parents say we are a generation too spoiled for our own good because we have the internet. There is something called information overload. This is from having so much information it makes a person a zombie.
    Anyway everybody tries to be an optimist about technology.

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