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Touch Typing is more professional and better

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    Default Touch Typing is more professional and better

    Many professional typists have learnt to how to touch type and the reason for this is because it gives more of a comfortable and efficient way and experience to typing. But this is not something which many may be able to learn straight away as it take time and know how to do it all correctly.
    For those who don’t have speed in their typing or have the right skills, well what they need is a good typing software. Using a good typing software one is able to get rid of their bad typing habits and make the minimal mistakes.
    There are a large number of typing software’s out there but they all seem to be very repetitive and eventually become very boring which makes people give up. However there is an easier way to learn which is by typing tutorials which do the same thing as teaching you how to touch type but in a better way, and this is because of the visual aids and interfaces.
    One of the popular and known pioneers regarding the typing software is Rapid Typing Tutor which not only gives lessons in typing but allows you to learn in the shortest time possible. One of the good things about Rapid Typing Tutor is that it gives statistics which are detailed and this enables you to keep track of your typing progress. This way you can easily see your progress and also know about where you have been going wrong and where you need to make the improvements.

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    Thanks (I might have but have to spread it). for giving me idea on what to write my next thread. hahaha. It is better to write own thread then give solution to sane thread on linux.

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