Majority of people like Firefox and this is because of not just its looks but mainly because of its features and more over because of its very useful add ons.

Many people do online stock market work which requires them to refresh the webpage to get the latest stats or stock prices you can say, and this personally speaking can be quite a pain, even if its not the stock market but refreshing any page, but I would say its mainly important to get update status for the stock market due to the second to second changes. There is now a new feature where you can actually have your page refreshed every certain amount of seconds and minutes. This add on is called ReloadEvery, which actually performs same as the refresh browser button when a site does not load.

Before installing the add on you will find an option called reload when right click on the webpage, this means the page will refresh on that instance for once.
After installing the add on you will find a new option when you right click on the web page. And you will find option to reload the page after different seconds or minutes. You can apply this to only the current page or all the webpages in your tabs.