What is DVD+R Double Layer DVD?
Do you often feel that a single DVD is not enough for writing the data? If yes, then it is time that you need DVD+R Double Layer DVD disc. Generally DVD drives are able to store 4.6 GB of data in it but at times this space is also not enough. So if you wish to write more data in DVD you need to get the DVD+recordavle double layer DVD which has storage capacity of 8.5GB of data storage and nearly 300 minutes of video storage. Off course the software and hardware requirement for your computer will remain the same – you will need a DVD writer drive and software package that enable DVD writing like Nero or others.

The double layer DVD+R Double Layer DVD disc doesn’t mean that you have two layers in the DVD. There is one layer but the DVD is able to save double data by creating two layers on the same size of the DVD and you can handle is as you normally handle a regular DVD. While writing on a DVD+R Double Layer DVD disc, make sure that the DVD surface is free from any sort of scratches, dust particles, and fingerprints. It there are any such dust particles and other similar features like this you are going to face some trouble. If there is some dust try to clean it with soft cloth or use a DVD cleaning liquid.

What is the time required for DVD+R Double Layer DVD disc writing?
The time required for generally writing of DVD or CDs is 10-15 minutes. Actually it depends on the speed of the writer you choose and the CD that you would use to write the data, the amount of data. If you take the same specifications and writing speed for such a DVD+R it will really take couple of hours to write the DVD. In general the speed should be 18Xkpbs speed would take nearly 45 minutes to burn the DVD+R.

Burning Dual Layer DVD also demands another 10 minutes for data verification and measurement. So overall you can say that you will need one hour completely to write full 8.5 GB of space in such a double layer DVD.