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For copying/ripping sites WebHTTrack/httrack

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    Default For copying/ripping sites WebHTTrack/httrack

    If you are in need of a software to download parts of a manual or wiki or documentation so that you can save your bandwidth then
    WebHTTrack Website Copier or httrack ( for windows) is the best software is a great software for ripping part of websites when you want so that you can read them offline. Currently it supports more than 20 languages but no Indian language is there.
    You can block certain parts from being downloaded like images flash content extras. You can define various site structure.
    If you want to download some developer documentation from a paid site with your account you can also do that. Just give your valid account.( Of course you have to pay for that account I am not teaching cracking here). Main difference between this and manually downloading each page through browser is that you don't get directory structure there as see in site.A note of caution don't try to copy wkipedia
    PS: I landed on it while trying to use a software for babypips 1 years ago.

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    Yep, HTtrack is a good tool to download a website for offline browsing. It has so many options like the things to exclude while downloading the site etc. If you don't want a software to download a site, then I recommend scrapbook (an add-on for Mozilla Firefox). Scrapbook is like a miniaturized version of HTtrack software. It has all the features, just like HTtrack.

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    use Scrapbook extension with firefox.
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