Recent completion of acquisition of Sun Microsystems further intensified the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Death) about MYSQL.
MYSQL has forked one as official MYSQL and another as MariaDB headed by Michael "Monty" Widenius the founder of MYSQL. ( there's a third fork also but it is for other requirements)
MYSQl is the most used database management systems in world ( not oracle) controlling 70 % of the dbms markets. It is used by some of the biggest giants like Google ( using its customised opensource models) Adobe, Macfee, Nokia ,Symantec and others. Only those who don't know much say that it is a Crap. It is the best open-source RDMS out there.
For those who thinks it is just good as Oracle id world leader in DBMS should rethink and see what happens to Berkeley database ( though it was unrelated but still it has been kil by Oracle). Some are saying Oracle will be using it both its current flagship and MYSQL which hardly has any logic. MYSQL is hurting Oracle badly whether Oracle thumnpers say otherwise or not.
But heck MYSQL was opensource wasn't it? But Oracle is never under obligation to use GPL license for new developed version of MYSQL. Let the old code lie under dust.
And also the forks can't succeed much unlike linux which Oracle lovers are shouting as example. Here are the reasons:
1. Linux always had a vibrant community which were willing to give free time resources for it and was actively supported by enterprises like Red hat.
2. Linux have an exception so that its open source can be used for commercial projects also.
3. MYSQL have to depends upon enterprise license to meet its expense which included some proprietary additions and you don't have to make your code open source.

And EU upon which many were putting there hopes have been disappointed.

Recently Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz have resigned under whose tenure many sun products have been made open source. He is not the first open source enthusiast to resign.

Also I am surprised no one saying a word about Java? Sun have plan to make it open source. But I don't think Oracle will do it. But in that a great forks exist.