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How to connect Your PC or Laptop with Mobile phones for Internet access?

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    Default How to connect Your PC or Laptop with Mobile phones for Internet access?

    Most of us know that it is possible to connect mobile phones to your personal computer and laptops to access internet but donít know the exact steps of how to do it. Accessing the internet with the help of mobile phones is very easy and if you use internet data card it becomes more easy option to get high speed internet connectivity at decent cost. But there are cases where people wish to learn how to use internet where the connection is not stable and still one wish to get the signals for internet access! Let us discuss how you can overcome all these problems and check your email regularly and even if you are left with not a properly wireless data card.

    Simply if you are left along with mobile phone and laptop and still you are looking for different ways to connect to internet then the best options would be use the Bluetooth of your phone and that in your laptop to access the internet. The Bluetooth can be a great way to connect to internet and available all facilities for it. Here is the step by step direction on how to use mobile phones for internet access in the laptop or PC.

    Enable the Bluetooth in the laptop and phone simultaneously. If you have handsets like Nokia N series phones, Samsung high end phones or phones with Bluetooth and GPRS facility, Sony Ericson phones with similar features, and other such phones. However if you use a little high end phone with Bluetooth of latest version the speed is good otherwise you may feel little bored with the slow opening of the pages. If your laptop is old and doesnít come with Bluetooth option you can use external device like IVT BlueSoleil which can perform multiple tasks. It enables your computer with the help of Bluetooth software to connect to the mobile phone.

    After pairing the devices you would need to click up the dial up network service and get connected to internet. The default dial up number is *99***1#. This number works with certain GPRS services. If required put the correct ISP number and once the connection gets successful, you get the shortcut to desktop.

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    What am I supposed to fill in those '*'s
    and what do you mean by ISPs number??

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    Give details of your BB ISP.
    modem/router/wifi used.
    cellphone model/make.
    Copy/Paste this data.
    START RUn type cmd Ok
    New window opens
    type ipconfig /all
    You have both PC and cellphone
    Blue tooth enabled ?

    This was a contest article Post No 1. , in Feb 2010 and general in nature.

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    Default bluetooth or data cable!!

    You can do pairing between mobile and computer by using bluetooth, if bluetooth not worked properly better to use data cable which is given with ur mobile. In branded mobile, u might have cd within mobile pack like Sony PC suite CD, Nokia suite CD. Install suite software in computer and connect mobile to computer using data cable or bluetooth, computer will automatically identify mobile presence and u can start working in internet by clicking connect to internet option in mobile software suite.

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    Best way is to use a data cable you will get a better speed which will be stable as well. Other means of connecting your mobile to your pc or laptop is by using tethering.

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