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Essential Software Packages must for a New Laptop Computer

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    Default Essential Software Packages must for a New Laptop Computer

    You just purchased a new laptop that’s great and congrats! Or perhaps you have formatted or reinstalled the Operating System again in your computer. Your computer won’t be operational until and unless you install in it some applicable software packages. The computer with the Operating System has the basic packages of software to run your computer. But those won’t be enough to help you carry out the basic works of typing too like Microsoft Word, Excel and alike. Therefore you would need to recap all the software packages in your running system and get started again.

    Always remember that before you format or reinstall your windows or vista or any OS in your system, you need to get back up of the software packages or set-up of them in a Drive like D or E. The set up with the key numbers is very important that you must always make a back up of. Otherwise formatting the system will delete all the software packages from your system. The back of the set-up of software packages enables you to re-install the packages for smooth running.

    Normally it is difficult to remember all the software packages that you need to install in your system. Hence a list has been prepared of such software packages which are very much essential for smooth functioning of the system and carry your work. These software packages are very important and you would need them at any moment of time while using the packages.

    The following software packages are important for your computer:

    • Google Talk
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • Mozilla Firefox or latest version of Internet Explorer
    • K Lite Codec Pack
    • Microsoft Office
    • CCleaner
    • Adobe flash player
    • Adobe reader for PDF files
    • Skype, Google Earth
    • Apple QuickTime
    • SunJava
    • Avira Antivirus or any such popular antivirus to protect your system
    • Google Chrome
    • Winzip and Winrar
    • Teamviewer
    • Gmail notifier

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    I personally dont think that all the software packages are important for your computer, there are some packages which you can do without. The softwares which are not neccessary are Google Earth, how often are you going to actually check the Earth....hardly every! You dont need Chrome if you have Firefox and Internet Explorer or vice versa, your never going to use three browsers at one go or even change browsers everytime your browse the net. Gmail notifer you dont need because you have Googletalk where you get notifcations of emails and yo can easily check your mail by logging into Gmail.

    Your computer can do without these and your computer will be less cluttered.

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    @Preeti_20 I don't think the packages mentioned are necessary. Most of those packages won't work without internet. Messengers are not needed, as every site is now offering a chat service. The essential installs are movie player(KM player), Adobe flash, browser (Mozilla), cleanup tool (CCleaner), Office suite (Microsoft or Libreoffice). These are enough for basic needs.

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    the original post was made more than 5 years back. a lot have changed since then.
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    @pachabhut. Thanks for the update. I haven't seen the date of post. I thought, I was helping with my reply. Now I know it was a complete waste. Anyway, any chat option is available in this forum. I want to talk to some people in this forum, but privately.

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