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Internal memory of a computer

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    Default Internal memory of a computer

    The computer needs a space to store the information when it is not being processed and thatís because the central processing unit works upon small bits of information at one point. Computers internal memory is in the form of two types of silicon chips. One is RAM i.e. Random Access Memory which stores the information temporarily. Computer can write the information on them and read it and later if required delete it as well. Every time the computer is switched off the RAM is erased. Computers permanent memory is stored in Read Only Memory chip. ROM stores the instructions required by the central processing unit when u first turn on the computer. Although these are very simple things but for some beginners they go a long way in knowing about a computer and its memory.

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    This is such simple and basic information which you have shared, but its educated me as Im not a technical person, for information like this for me is not something new but quite informative (especially now that Ive joined this forum, should be clever like all of you and know about computers)

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