Everyday new technology enters market making older one inferior. E waste the abbreviated version of electronic waster refers to electrical components which are no longer useful and reached their end life.
Ewaste consists of computer and its peripherals, cameras, calculators, lithium batteries, televisions, cds, dvd players, mobile phones, refrigerators etc. proper disposal of e waste is very important as these products have harmful elements which pose environmental and health hazards. E waste mainly consists of plastic, heavy metals like mercury, copper, lead, etc most of which can be recycled . The process of recycling of e waste can be harmful as toxic gases are emitted and sometimes expensive too.
E waste is generated in bulk these days especially in big metropolitan and cosmopolitan and safe disposal of this waste is one of the biggest challenge of our government. India does not have a proper disposal plans so people dispose this waste in landfills which has serious health hazards by polluting soil and water ,but there talks of ewaste disposal plant setup which will come up soon.
To help our environment’s cause we should try out best to not throw away our old gadgets, manage and maintain them maturely, and recycle them properly. We should reduce reuse and recycle and try our best to save our environment and government also ought to take strict measure and laws for safe disposal of electronic waste