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What is the best inverter/online UPS for home india with 4 hours back up ?

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    Default What is the best inverter/online UPS for home india with 4 hours back up ?

    Hey , In my home I am having lot of low voltage problem frequently . I need online ups with 4 hours backup from which a steady 200-210 AC will supply to my home equipments from the battery for both cases ( Power ON and Power OFF ) . I need an Online UPS to provide an electrical firewall between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment .

    The electronic equipment I want to run on Online UPS are follows ,

    1. 3 fans
    2. 3 Tube lights
    3. 2 Air Conditioner ( 1.5 ton )
    4. PC
    5. Modem
    6. iball 5.1 home theater

    Please specify the Watts for each equipment and guide me an suitable Online UPS for the above purposes with 4 to 5 hours back up and specify the battery . Also specify the cost range .

    - Roger

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    You really need to think whether you need backup for airconditioner as they are power hungry equipments, requiring around 1200W/TR. For you requirement,

    1. 3 fans= 3 X 60W = 180W
    2. 3 Tube=3 X 40W = 120W
    3 1 PC = 250 W
    4 Home theatre = 120W
    You dont have to calculate for your modem as it need very less power.

    Exact power consumption values can be determined from the appliance manual/name plates. In my opinion, its recommended to have a seperate back up for airconditiors if you're intending to have it, other load connected are resistive load, while an airconditioner is an inductive load.

    Your total power requirement is (excluding airconditioners) is 670W approx. Round off to 700W.

    For a 12V powered battery, you need 60Ah for 1 hour back up. Refer the below link, where I have posted the selection procedure. Revert if further details are needed.


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    You can use portable power generator for home, it can give you backup power up to 4-5 hours.

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