I am slightly disappointed these days because I bought two tech products my home.

1. Asus RTN13U v B1 WIFI router
2. Huawei E303Cs-1 Hilink data card ( officially unlocked)

Now I was thinking about using this 3G data card with above mentioned router but its not working. I have tried with different ISPs like BSNL, Airtel, Reliance SIM cards with no luck. I even manually edited APN and Dial number in router's web interface.

This Huawei E303Cs-1 Hilink itself connects by Web Interface, means it doesn't have Mobile Partner but computer detects it as LAN. Its new to market. Is this reason for it being not compatible with Asus router?

Is there anything about setting that I don't know. Like details about APN , Dial number, PIN ?

I tried firmware updates, no luck.

Help me in this......