I am trying to make an autocut charger circuit for 18650s I got from 2-3 laptop batteries
I have

  • 2 sets have a 5600Wh rating
  • 1 set has a 4800Wh rating

I was thinking I might use a phone battery circuit for the charging of single 18650 as this sounded a good idea, but can someone confirm that they have made it or seen it being used somewhere , as IMO the batteries are going to drain a lot of current at least for first 10-30 seconds until the terminal voltage comes close to supply voltage. But if I put one 1watt resistor or something like that to make it current controlled or a 555 based oscillator to be used as an SMPS which would act as a VCO (driven by battery terminal voltage) or something like that to control the circuit and avoid any overheating or anything, but my main concern is how to put an autocut circuit in it or the phone battery circuit is already an autocut one ?????

Any help would be appreciated.