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ASUS PadFone X

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    Default ASUS PadFone X

    Its always difficult to decide between a large sized phone which is nearly big as a tablet or an actual smart phone which can sometimes be too small for the things that need to be done. For the first time there is something which will allow you to have both a tablet and a smart one and its the ASUS PadFone. I was quite impressed with the device and concept and can tell its going to be a success. Not much is revealed as of yet, but what we do know is as follows:

    The screen size of the mobile phone is 5 inches which is full HD and is LTE, the tablet screen size is 9 inches again full HD and LTE
    One data plan can be used on both the phone and tablet
    When the mobile phone is docked in the tablet the phone gets charged
    The mobile phone has a 13 mega pixel camera
    Processor used is a Qualcomm snapdragon 800 2.3GHz quad core processor

    There is no idea of launch date or the cost for this device, but from the device looks and specification its going to be costly.

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    5 inches screen is not bad atall. My phone is 5.2 and I use it as a phone and a tablet both. 5 to 5.5 inches mobile phones are what I like.

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    When you have a mobile phone with a 5 inch screen you dont really need a tablet.

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    Apart from its predecessors, there's nothing like the Asus PadFone X. Being a hybrid phone and tablet (even in some cases portable), it is a device that combines two devices to deliver the best possible mobile experience. The first time I saw there convinced me. It is thick. It has a protruding rear. And, priced at US $ 200 with contract ($ 550 without it), it would seem better to invest in a single high-end tablet, rather than choose between two devices with a mediocre appearance.

    However, after spending some time with the Asus PadFone X, my perspective changed. First, the cell is solid and reliable. You can not go wrong by having a clear display 1080p, a powerful quad-core processor and a good camera of 13 megapixels. Once the phone is connected to the support to become a tablet, you can consume content and surfing the Internet on a screen that can offer a better experience to be larger without forming a disconnected ecosystem.

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