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    Exclamation UT300R2U Connection to Iball BAton IB-WRX150N

    Can Anyone please help me in providing the information about configuring USTAR - UT300R2U (ADSL modem) to the Iball Baton Wireless router (IB-WRX150N).

    I tried placing the ADSL modem in bridging mode and connected the router through PPOE mode but the status of the connection shows that still it is connecting.

    So kindly provide me the steps for configuring to router from my ADSL modem.

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    Search in Broadband How to......"
    forum for guides by @just4kix , where Ut300r2U and wifi routers are used.
    Idea will be same but menu pages will be different. ( probably clone of wa 3002-g4 see below)

    Suggest you post screen shot of IBall WIfi\
    router Device Info or Connection status page as annexure JPG picture here.

    2. Since UT300R2u is in "Bridged" mode in wifi router again enter in router UserId PW for PPP/PPPoE connection.

    from FAQ manual 57 of 69
    1. How do I configure the router to access Internet by ADSL users?
    1) First, configure the ADSL modem configured in RFC1483 bridge model.
    2) Connect the Ethernet cable from your ADSL modem to the WAN port on the
    router. The telephone cord plugs into the Line port of the ADSL modem.
    3) Login to the router, click the “Network” menu on the left of your browser, and click
    "WAN" submenu. On the WAN page, select “PPPoE” for WAN Connection Type.
    Type user name in the “User Name” field and password in the “Password” field,
    finish by clicking “Connect”.

    Figure A-1 PPPoE Connection Type
    else make Ut 300r2U "always On "
    3. Suggest connect another Rj45 from IBALL lan ports ( if available )
    to computer ethernet port, and check connection is established .
    Then remove it and go for WIFI settings.
    4. Need the following data.
    Copy/ Paste (without edit ) for WLAN
    Start RUN type cmd
    New window.
    type ipconfig /all
    India Broadband Forum

    REF : Iball iwifi router manual PDF
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    Thanks a lot the document really helped .Actually,there was some problem in getting the DNS server name in mu router I think,so I just restored to factory defaults and entered the PPOE mode usename and password and it worked well.

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    presume you /downloaded the user manual of Iball router. ( which I also downloaded for reference)
    Need at least one screen shot page of your new wifi router with menu items on left. To be posted in this thread for future use by members.
    say Connection status page.or Device info.
    as in the user manual full page/s are not seen.

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    Default to check WAN connection type and its parameters

    My BSNL modem ASDL C2110 and i connected to iball Baton model no: iB-WRX150N.. my PC......NETWORK.......INTERNET till network it s clear but network to internet it s not accessible.. i have configured my router settings tooo.. at the last step it says WAN connection type and its parameters.. so please help me..
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    Confirm for "Connec"ISP broadband ,
    you are using C2110 adsl modem, in "AlwaysOn" PPP/PPPoE mode (userid and PW stored in the wan page of modem )
    If not change settings .
    Enable DHCP Give a range to say

    Presume you get connected in LAN mode.

    In IBall Baton wifi router check the Connection status page and
    post as annexure here.
    i have configured my router settings too

    Confirm you have user manual.
    This guide PDF file may be useful.


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    did your problem got resolved .. you may get solution on

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