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Not able to connect my laptop with wireless connection !

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    Default Not able to connect my laptop with wireless connection !

    Let me tell you how i screwed my wireless connection (I am Using ZTE modem, forgot my model number as i am outside now).
    I have a PS3 and a laptop which shares my wireless connection. To play multiplayer games, i made few changes in my modem. I went to the NAT option and added a manual IP address in the DMZ option, gave the same ip address in my PS3 also. Now my connection to my PS3 is working fine. When i restarted my modem, i was not able to connect to internet from my laptop, even it did not show any wireless connections in my laptop. Where as i tried connecting to my Wi-fi using my iPhone and it worked perfectly. Then i connected my LAN cable to my laptop and it worked perfectly. Now, the only problem is that i am not able to connect to internet in my laptop using wi-fi and it does not even shows any available connections.

    Someone please help !

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    Some questions:

    1. Is that laptop able to discover the wi-fi network?
    2. Sometimes old settings are stored in the network connections. Delete these network connections (related to wi-fi).
    3. It may sound silly, but wi-fi switch may be in the OFF position.
    4. Uninstall the network adapter driver from the "Device Manager" and try reinstall again.

    Check this thread also:
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    @sherinjose Did you got it working???

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