Hi everyone, first I'd like to specify that by console I mean the little black command prompt not xbox's and PS*'s, sorry for the misunderstanding I just didn't want to have a massive title explaining this.

I want to make a console game "a la Nethack" with symbols representing my character and the environment. The way I started to do it, was to make a matrix the size of my window and lots of IF's statement for each tile I want to specify something. My question is:

Is there a shorter way to do this ? Because this seems like an awful lot of trouble and after barely 50 lines I already have problems for example: the console will skip one line at the end because he's waiting for input ( as a regular console will do ) making me lose the top line. So yeah, what am I missing here ? If anything at all.

I've been studying in IT for about a year. So I'm still learning a lot of stuff daily, I guess there is probably a "one line solution" to what I'm looking for but since I don't know it I'm stuck doing all this.

Any kind of pointer is appreciated