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Security Camera Made From Webcam Internet Camera

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    Default Security Camera Made From Webcam Internet Camera

    I want to buy this adapter that makes any cheap webcam work with the internet like an IP camera. They say you can plug two webcams into it and then view them from the internet with out using a computer. The adapter plugs right into your internet with out the use of a computer. So the big question is, has anyone used this type of thing before and does anyone now how to use it? Can it work with any webcam or can it only work with some? I want to buy it from these guys at]FREE Shipping Of Wholesale Items China Direct Wholesaler Distributor[/url] and I would also like to know if anyone has bought from them before? This is in thier computer accessories section but the direct link to the
    I think this is alot cheaper then buying two IP web cameras but I want to learn more about how it works. Any help would be appreciated

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    nice way of spamming pal

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