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Making a "green" PC

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    Default Making a "green" PC

    Hi guys, i was planning on making a nettop with very low power consumption, Low costs and was thinking it would be gr8 if i could re use old hardware to decrease E waste.

    I have decided to got for a Sempron LE 1250(2.2Ghz ,single core,45W TDP,AM2) . Its Rs 1700.

    Now, if any of you have an old AM2 mobo,old RAM (ddr2) or some other junk(to u) which u think will be helpfull, plz send it to me, I will PM u my address.

    I figured with electricity costs higher now, and i cant use any solar/wind, cos i stay in an appartment, i could reduce my consumption. On my existing comp(which stay on almost 24x7), my GPU and overclocked CPU waste too much power at idle...

    i would be using it to surf the net, downloading and playing warcraft 3...

    Any other tips to save power would be welcomed.



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    you can also go with ATOM processor which should be even less power consuming.
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    An ATOM single core has a TDP of 4W(8W for Dual core), but the major chunk of power is consumed by the 945 chip. It runs very hot too.

    I m guessing frm different power consumption numbers i have see abt the atom that this will consume abt 10-15W more.

    The Ion platform is good,lower power consumption,but too costly (8.5k).

    Also, i wanted to re-use old hardware, which otherwise will get wasted.

    A single core sempron is a lot faster too. I dont have an Atom, so if some1 could tell us how it performs it would be gr8. I mean can u listen to music and surf the net at the same time on an atom ?

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    All the best.

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