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Suggestions for strategy games ?

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    Question Suggestions for strategy games ?

    Hello members,

    I am fond of playing strategy games and need suggestions for good strategy games.Only requirement is that it should not be a turn based game. I have listed down few examples below :

    1) Strategy war games like : Age of empire

    2) Strategy building games like : Simcity, Caesar, Warcraft etc.

    3) Strategy Sci-Fi games : Total Annihilation

    I have tried to search on net, but would like to have more suggestions from gaming gurus of this forum.

    Await your feedback, thanks.

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    best game ever : Warcraft 3. I love it. Try it.

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    The latest strategy game I played is The Sims 3... It's unbelievably good... While The Sims 2 was an open ended game... In the Sims 3, the characters have a life time... You gotta be on your toes to develop the Sims...

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