In this thread i will post many different Computer Cabinets for different budgets and sizes. Most of these do not come with a PSU, hence they need to be purchased separately. Most of the cabinets suggested will be from cooler master, as they are good and relatively easily available.

Size : ATX mini tower
Cooler Master Elite 341 and 342 : These are really nice and small chassis that can be used in offices and home. They feature a front 120mm fan that pulls cool air inside from the front of the cabinet. You can add 2 additional 120mm fans (rear and side).

These cost roughly around Rs2500.

Size: ATX Mid tower

Cooler Master Gladiator 600 : This is a good value for money cabinet, has space for plenty of fans and comes with a 120mm blue LED front fan. Priced at around Rs 3800, its a good pick in this range.

Cooler Master 690 2 : This is the newer version of the CM 690, comes with all black interiors among other features. It can accommodate up to 10 fans ! yes, 10 fans !! It has plenty of space for a multi GPU setup too.
Price, well its not out yet in india, but should not be more than Rs 4700.

Cooler Master HAF 922 : This is the cabinet i am using and it is among the best cases in the market. It comes with 2 x 200mm fans (1 top, 1 front LED) and a rear fan. There is a side mesh to and the case can accommodate 4 more fans easily. This is really good air flow.
Price: Rs6500, makes it a little pricey but keeps your full system pretty cool and worth the investment.

Full tower:

Cooler master HAF 932 : The bigger brother of the HAF 922, comes with 3 HUGE 230mm fans (top, side, front LED) and a rear 140mm fan. Its got really great looks and has awesome performance. With a price tag of Rs 9500, its the best choice for this segment.