Information has emerged that AMD will release 4, 6 core desktop processors by may 2010 and will be name Phenom II X6. There is also news of the release of a new chipset, the 890GX and 890FX. These products may be officially launched in march in CeBit.

The processors start off with a clock of 2.8GHz, 6MB of L3 cache and 512KB of L2 cache per core. The 2.8Ghz model will have a TDP of 140W. The ‘Thuban’ die is a 45nm die so hopefully the shrink to 32nm will decrease the TDP and increase the clock speed. But the die shrink is only expected during late 2010. The Hyper transport speed has been bumped up from 2Ghz to 2.4Ghz, probably to accommodate the increase in data stress created by the additional two cores. These are strictly AM3 CPUs, i.e. they will not work with AM2/AM2+ motherboards. That according to me is good as we all need to move on with technology.

With the new 890GX there is a better graphics core, the HD4290. So it probably just supports DX10.1. But the major improvement in the 890GX is the SB850 southbridge, where the SATA 6Gbps are natively included.

Here is the table with the possible specifications of the 6 core processors.