In the opinion of memory market participants , DDR-3 will be inferior to DDR-4 in 2012, but to those times DDR3 will increase its frequencies and decrease its energy consumption. Last goal will be reached with the passage to the lower default voltage - DDR3L memory modules will be satisfied by the supply voltage 1.2-1.35 v instead of present 1.5 v.

As reports associate, on IDF 2008 , qimonda company reported about its plans with respect to the passage from DDR-3 to DDR-4. First , all DDR3-1066/1333 modules introduction with the lowered to 1.35 v supply voltage are planned in 2009.

DDR3-1333 Modules with that lowered to 1.35 v default voltage will begin appear in 2010. Directly DDR-4 will appear in 2012 from the DDR4-2133 modules with the default voltage 1.2 v. In a year the DDR-4 frequency will rise to 2667 MHz DDR, and the voltage can be lowered to 1.0 V.