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Bypass proxy in school and college

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    Wink Bypass proxy in school and college

    To surf all the websites even in school and college you have to do is to go to and surf on the website:

    ProxySchoolBypas - Use our web based proxy to unblock any website!

    It's server sends blocked sites( in school or college) in the form as they are there own website.Works fine for me as Facebook is blocked in our college's hostel.

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    I use Tor Browser

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    try using tunnel sites like ctunnel or vtunnel...or use the program "ultrasurf" that is proven to bypass website blocks from universities

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    Very informative for the students these creepy college staff they block all the websites for students, this will surely gonna help them motivated from you i m building a database of emails of students and then i m gonna mail the technique explained by you to them so that they can enjoy the fun on net....::

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    Quote Originally Posted by mecyanide View Post
    I use Tor Browser
    That is also good...

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