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Use same USB adaptor for router and keyboard

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    Default Use same USB adaptor for router and keyboard

    I have a wireless modem/router for which I have bought a USB adaptor as my desktop doesn't have wireless. Now I am going to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, so that will also come with its USB adaptor. I am running out of USB ports, so is it possible to make the keyboard / mouse use the same USB adaptor as the router, or use the keyboard USB adaptor for connecting to the router?

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    Do you not have an ethernet LAN port on your computer?

    I suggest that if you're a heavy internet user and/or want to do some serious online gaming, it's better to connect with a LAN cable. Many wireless routers also have a few LAN ports at the back. You'll get a far faster and reliable internet connection this way. While also freeing up your USB ports and no need to rely on an adapter.

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    I agree with what Damien Lee said in the post above. However, if you can't get hold of an Ethernet cable, or your router is very far away from your computer, I would suggest perhaps purchasing a USB Splitter. You can get some very cheap ones, which can expand one USB Slot into 4 or even 6 new USB Slots. I have never personally used a USB Splitter so I'm unsure whether they affect speeds etc. However, I think this is the only possible option for you, unless you use an Ethernet cable, or buy a WiFi Card for your computer.

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